Cutlery Cabinets
Hallam 124 Piece Cutlery Cabinet

Hallam 124 Piece Cutlery Cabinet

Carrs Silver - CAN-HALLAM

A lovely cabinet designed to hold up to 124 pieces of cutlery housed in a luxury mahogany finish box which is hand lined in cotton velvet for a luxury finish. Suitable for: 12 x Table Knives, 12 x Table Forks, 12 x Dessert Knives, 12 x Dessert Forks, 12 x Soup Spoons, 12 x Dessert Spoons, 12 x Tea Spoons, 12 x Fish Blades, 12 x Fish Forks, 12 x Coffee Spoons and 4 x Table Spoons. Cutlery not included.

Dimensions: 19" x 13" x 4.5" (48cm x 33cm x 11cm)